patriotic Veterans of Foreign Wars
of  The United States

 POST 3142

North Charleston, SC

Veterans of Foreign Wars

of The United States

Captain John L. Weeks
Post 3142

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August 2013

Commander Comments

For those of you who attended the Saturday night dances this past winter ,you remember how chilly it was in the Post. We appreciate all of you that hung in there and kept coming back to the dance. Well, we are going to correct the lack of  heat and air conditioning by replacing the two units we have on the roof. The heat exchangers are rusted through and it is not cost effective to try repairs ,even if we could find someone to attempt repairs. We have contacted several companies to elicit bids. We are asking for donations to help us replace these units. We are also having fund raisers to help pay for this work. Initial indications are that replacing the units will cost around $ 20,000.00-$22,000.00. We appreciate any and all help. Mail your donations to VFW Post 3142, 3555 Dorchester Road, N. Charleston, SC 29405, Attn: Commander or Quartermaster. You can also bring your donation to the Post, put it in and envelope and mark it for the Commander or QM. Your donation will be publicly acknowledged unless you indicate otherwise. Thanking you in advance for your support.


A new House Committee has been elected/appointed and the members are: Chairman, Bill Coffey. Members, Ed O’Connor, Charlie Fox, Carolyn Graham and Gabe Pippin. These are the Comrades that are responsible for the operation of the Canteen. If you have complaints/suggestions, please contact one of the HC members.


There will be some price changes beginning 1 August that are further explained in the House Committee Chairman’s comments. We are very reluctant to raise prices but our costs have increased to the point that we had to increase the price of some items.  We thank those of you who visit the Post Home and have a few drinks or something to eat.


We will host the District 1 meeting on Sunday, 11 August. We eat at 1 PM and meet at 2 PM. We hope to see many of you there. It is a good opportunity to meet members from other Post and also, learn what’s happening within the district.


My thanks to the Comrades and Sisters who help at the Post. Without your help ,we could not keep going and you are appreciated

Yours in comradeship,

Al Cales       

Home Phone..843-552-9702   Cell.. 843-607-5334



Ladies Auxiliary

No Input Received

Yours in Sisterhood

Betty Harris, President

Hm Ph: 843-552-1416

Cell Ph: 843-412-6753

Post Officers

  • Commander
  • Sr Vice Commander
  • Jr Vice Commander
  • Quartermaster
  • Chaplain
  • Judge Adv
  • Adjutant
  • Service Officer
  • Surgeon
  • Officer of the Day
  • Guard
  • 1 Year Trustee
  • 2 Year Trustee
  • 3 Year Trustee

Alvin Cales
Ed O'Conner
Charles A Fox
Jack Stroman
Ed Place
Don Parks
Rusty Clark
Don Parks
Lester L Johnson
Robert Thompson
Robert Jones
Keith Thompson
Robert Jones
Robert Thompson

Auxiliary Officers

  • President
  • Sr Vice President
  • Jr Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Conductress
  • Chaplin
  • Guard
  • 1 Year Trustee
  • 2 Year Trustee
  • 3 Year Trustee
  • Patriotic Instructor

Betty Harris
Pat Keeler
Lore Cales
Cindy Usher
Pat Parks
Donna Jennings
Becky Clark
Dot Woods
Becky Clark
Lore Cales
Jackie Mimms
Jerrie Jones

  Listen up Cooties!


                We are in dire need of your support, if our Pup Tent is to survive.  We have a handful of Cooties, doing all that needs to be done.

                This will be our last year as 'Seam Squirrel' and President.  We have had these positions longer than we should have to try and keep the Pup Tent active.  But, the few of us that do participate cannot do it all.

                We need your input and support at the August 4th meeting.  The meeting will be at 2pm at the VFW (after the VA Hospital visit at 1pm)  If you would like to see our Pup Tent survive, we strongly encourage you to attend this meeting.


                Yours in L.O.T.C.S.

            Don Parks, Seam Squirrel  843-568-4682

                Pat Parks, President   843-343-6542


Hope everyone is having a good summer, maybe a little less rain.  I am looking forward to a new year as your House Committee Chairman. 


Happy Hour has been changed to 1600 (4pm)  to 1800 6pm.


We are making some changes effective 01 August 2013.  Due to the increase in cost of the product we buy to serve you we must pass this increase along.  It is with regret that we must increase our liquor drinks and wine by 25 Cents.  Some food prices are changing also.  The grill well close at 2100 on Saturdays and 2200 all other days, we can however cook a pizza after the grill is closed down.  We do not have a cook and our current policy has created some problems.  I hope this well help better serve those wanting to purchase a drink from our Canteen. 


We a hosting the District 1 Meeting on 11 August 2013. 


 I have posted a new list for Saturday Night Door Duty.  Please sign up for this duty, your help is needed.



Billy W. Coffey